biker plain

This table combines an industrial looking frame with a top of simple wood, elm, beech or cherry. The boards of the top are united by light grey epoxy joints. The heavy hot-rolled steel frame is welded by hand and consists of an inverted angle profile, facing outward. The thin lines of the frame are contrasting with the solid appearance of the table. There is a clear distinction between the frame and the top, which almost seem to float. dimensions: 100 x 160 x 76 cm frame: hot rolled steel 40 x 40 x 4 mm top: elmwood 18 mm and light grey epoxy joint top also available in beech wood and cherry wood 160 x 90 x 75 cm: € 2470,- (beech), € 2650,- (elm), € 2740,- cherry 215 x 90 x 75 cm: € 2650,- (beech), € 2830,- (elm), 2920,- (cherry)

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